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Hydropillow from Massa Marble quarry, multiple sources audio loop
110x110 cm each

These iron-made pillows were employed for the marble extraction process in quarries. Their soft shape results from violent energy. The water fills the pillows at very high pressure, making them swell and split large marble walls in the belly of a mountain. In the exhibition context, the pillows lean on the floor, making an asynchronous dirge. The sentence "I'm waiting here" invades the space as a lullaby. WEICHWEICHWEISSWEICH is an expression of melancholic intimacy. The work is a desperate but calm recall of a traumatic event in a distant landscape, still shivering along the thin iron armour of an object presented ambiguously hard and soft, evoking the candour of a bed and a marble quarry. Giulia Poppi

Turn on the audio for the live recording of the choir 

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